Virtual 3D Exhibition Demonstrates Automotive Hardware And Software

by Mat Dirjish

Getac is launching an automotive virtual exhibition, which it describes as a unique 3D experience where visitors can see rugged devices and custom software designed for the automotive market. The company offers a comprehensive range of automotive products including research and development and manufacturing.

As per Frost & Sullivan, the adoption of digitalization to counteract the impact of COVID-19 on the global automotive aftermarket is fueling investments in this space. Getac is making it possible for automotive dealerships to digitalize the multi-point inspection process, while providing their customers with an easy-to-understand electronic vehicle health check report.

Getac Automotive Virtual Exhibition

An intuitive interface provides accurate price and time estimates, allowing for faster customer decision-making and faster turnover. By going paperless, dealerships can quickly capture, store, and retrieve vehicle history as well as document repair data with photos and videos. This approach is proving to increase parts revenue and chargeable labor.

The virtual exhibition is available for diverse automotive applications including aftersales and workshop operations, automotive manufacturing, and R&D and engineering. Check out Getac’s automotive virtual 3D exhibition now.

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