IoT Device Reconnoiters Rodent Activity

by Mat Dirjish

Touted as a cost-effective wireless electronic rodent-control system, PICA Product Development’s Skyhawk platform, Rodent Recon, reportedly solves the problem of manually monitoring rodent control traps. It eliminates tedious, time-wasting tasks like crawling into attics and other hard-to-reach locations to find empty rodent traps. Users remotely receive pest-control alerts via a phone app.

Built on the Skyhawk IoT platform, Rodent Recon consists of pest-control sensors, a hub/gateway, smartphone application, and an enterprise portal for overall rodent control management. Sensors detect rodent trap or pest bait station activity and communicate this to the hub via a local RF signal.

The control hub employs a cellular connection to relay sensor activities to the smartphone application. The enterprise portal enables companies to manage thousands of pest control hubs and sensors for their field service teams and it can integrate with other business process software.

Overall, Rodent Recon is deployable at commercial or residential locations and works with any bait station or trap.  Additionally, its simple setup requires minimal training and no on-site support. Rodent Recon will be on display at PestWorld, happening in Las Vegas from November 2 to 5, 2021.

Ready to reconnoiter your rats but require more data? If so, glean more from the Rodent Recon overview page.

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