IoT Platform Clears The Air

by Mat Dirjish

Metro Atlanta’s Cherokee County School District (CCSD) is an early adopter of Abound,

Carrier’s smart building IoT platform to ensure indoor air quality. Abound collects data from indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors and displays a live rating on a dashboard located in the lobby of some CCSD buildings so that staff have visibility into the health of the space.

Abound is an open, cloud-based platform that provides real-time insights about air quality, thermal comfort, and energy usage, as well as other performance parameters. Employing current Edge, IoT, and cloud technologies, it works by aggregating data collected from various building systems, equipment, and sensors. In the case of CCSD, Abound uses a Carrier Edge device to connect to the Automated Logic WebCTRL building automation system.

Additionally, Abound monitors air quality and thermal conditions in accordance with science-based standards from the International WELL Building Institute, a global authority on healthy buildings. The platform provides alerts if air quality levels for temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, PM2.5, and radon move outside of a healthy range.

Ready to clear the air in your building but need deeper details? If so, peruse the Abound overview. Also take a gander at Healthy Schools: Indoor Air Quality Solutions.

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