Audio Platform Reduces Healthcare Worker Stress And Anxiety

by Mat Dirjish

Immersive audio platform creator Spatial is partnering with HealthTunes and Catalyst by Wellstar to advance the healing power of sound to help frontline healthcare workers reduce stress and anxiety in their workplace. Spatial’s immersive audio platform combines with HealthTunes scientific-based MusicMedicine to use sound as a restorative and therapeutic tool.

As per a Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) survey, 62% of healthcare workers responsible for providing direct care for COVID-19 patients report mental health issues. About 55% report feeling burnout and 49% report feeling anxiety. Three in ten frontline workers considered leaving the healthcare field and 13% sought and received mental-health services.

Spatial, HealthTunes, and Catalyst by Wellstar hope to reverse these trends through the healing power of sound. Catalyst by Wellstar will be piloting Spatial technology in wellness rooms under construction at four of its medical centers.  The rooms will function as therapeutic spaces for healthcare workers to relax and recharge in immersive audio environments.

Partner HealthTunes licensed their content and built fully immersive versions of its soundscapes on Spatial’s platform. HealthTunes incorporates auditory beat stimulation to increase the strength of positive brain waves through a process called entrainment. Via a proprietary algorithm, HealthTunes inlays binaural beats and isochronic tones into playlists to influence and entrain brain wave patterns, which allegedly helps decrease stress and anxiety, increase relation, and improve sleep.

Spatial’s technology responds to biosensors and can link to various different inputs and outputs, e.g., visual, olfactory, haptic, etc. This helps create a personal experience for each individual patient. Along with caregivers, patients can control the experience using an iPhone or iPad. Once an experience is set in motion, Spatial’s real-time platform can integrate with monitoring systems to track progress and outcomes.

For even more relaxing details, pay a visit to the Spatial platform page. Also, glean more with visits to the How HealthTunes Works page and the Wellstar Health System website.

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