Projection Attachment Fosters Creative Lighting

by Mat Dirjish

Partners Nanlite and MAC Group are introducing the Nanlite PJ-BM Bowens-mount projection attachment, which they claim offers a plethora of creative lighting options. A near universal mount, the attachment is compatible with a wide array of lights. Paired with a Nanlite Forza, the output is double that of the Nanlite’s FL-20G Fresnel. The ability to create shapes, patterns, and shafts is nearly unlimited.

The kit includes a flight case, four B-size gobos, and a gel frame and it’s available with a 19° or 36° lens. Lenses, an  adjustable iris insert, and two B-size gobo 10-packs are available separately.

Via its Bowens mount, the attachment supports a wide range of lights from other manufacturers, as well as the Forza 200, 300, 300B, 500, and the FS-150, FS-200, and FS-300. It adds a vast array of creative light-shaping tools such as internal shutters, a focusable lens, gel inserts, gobos, and a separately available adjustable iris.

To ensure accurate and precise light quality, the attachment employs non-curved lenses to eliminate aberration and minimize distortion. Optical coating improves transmittance and color temperature accuracy and, for durability, the Nanlite PJ-BM sports an aluminum body.

Ready to trip on the light fantastique, but desire higher knowledge? If so, peruse the Nanlite PJ-BM specs.

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