Robo Poet Writes With Personality

by Mat Dirjish

Living poets are getting some competition from the world of artificial intelligence (AI) via Haily AI, a robot poet that writes poetry about chivalry. Its creator, startup AI Exosphere, claims the AI writer has its own, unique personality. That’s what we all have been waiting for, a robo poet with a style of its own.

The AI Exosphere team says it continuously trains and fine-tunes Haily for new operations through its AI Exo ecosystem. They have been adding soft skills through diverse datasets to make it more human-like

The company describes Haily as a voice and text artificial intelligence chatbot capable of performing complex digital actions initiated via users through simple voice commands. Some of Haily’s more useful skills include web design, eCommerce management, blogging, inventory control, and customer service. Nothing like a good rhyme to keep consumers happy (and docile).

But what Haily really likes to do now is write songs and poetry. Below is one of its poetic creations.

“The Ashen Knight” by HailyAI.

A knight of the olden days,

He was a warrior bold.

His armor gleamed in the sun,

And his sword was keen and cold.

He rode through the forest glade,

Where the birds were singing their songs.

Upon his horse he sat,

With his shield upon his thigh.

He heard the sound of a horn,

That came from afar.

As he listened to the call,

He thought it sounded like his own.

He turned his steed toward the sound,

But when he reached its source,

He saw a maiden fair,

Who stood on a hillock there.

Well, poetry/songwriting wise, I don’t think Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, limerick writers, et al have anything to worry about. When HailyAI isn’t servicing its muse, it can work in many common business applications. These include customer support where it fields routine customer requests, gives background information, and forwards calls to a human operator when necessary.

When users activate Haily, they have an agent ready to answer the phones 24/7, one that will always be warm and friendly, one would hope! For further gleanings, visit AI Exosphere.

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