Art And Banking Shake Hands On NFT Platform

by Mat Dirjish

Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi is putting her latest Memebank nonfungible token (NFT) up for auction on the OpenSea marketing platform. For those unfamiliar with Ms. Yi and her artwork, Yi’s Memebank NFTs draw inspiration from world currencies and the contemporary meme culture in the digital world.

‘Doge To The Moon’, Red Hong Yi’s first NFT from her Meme Banknotes Series.

Yi said, “This project merges the physical and digital worlds, and to critique current financial systems. Each artwork is in the form of an NFT, but unlike most NFT projects, Memebank NFTs come along with physical artworks. There are only six unique artworks in this project with each sold in the edition of one. Inspired by the concept of NFTs showing proof of ownership, successful bidders for the Memebank NFT own a physical copper plate and 1/1 canvas print of the artwork.”

Yi is also planning a Memebank Exhibition for 2022 with details coming at a later date. Interested parties can glean more from the Memebank website. Also, peruse more of Yi’s artwork on the Red Hong Yi website.

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