KISS Cranks Out The Booze

by Mat Dirjish

Nothing succeeds like ironies and extravagances. Once again, the world’s most famous rock band, second only to the Beatles and Rolling Stones, KISS is in the spotlight again with its launch of four premium liquors.

Debuting under the moniker “Drink It Up by KISS”, the liquor portfolio is a collaboration between the band, their licensing agent Epic Rights, and the spirits producer Brands for Fans. It includes Premium Distilled Cold Gin, Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum, Detroit Rock Premium Dark Rum, and a limited-edition Monstrum Ultra Premium Dark Rum. Prices range from $33.99 to $159.99.

KISS founding member, Paul Stanley said, “From Monstrum to Cold Gin, we wanted each spirit in the portfolio to reflect the energy of our band. We didn’t just slap a label on a bottle and call it a day. We’re proud to say that each bottle in the Drink It Up By KISS portfolio was carefully curated and each unique spirit has earned its name.”

Ironically, in the past, both Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons claimed to be nondrinkers as well as non-indulgers of other mind-altering substances. In terms of extravagance…well…you know.

Are you 21 years old or older and ready to tie one on and go on a bender beyond compute, but direly need your KISS hootch? If so, you can purchase the libations on the Drink It Up By KISS website. Also visit the KISS website.

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