Sustainable Urban Vehicles Invade The Market

by Mat Dirjish

Tomorrow Mobility World Congress (TMWC) is showcasing what it says are “new disruptive and sustainable urban vehicles.” From November 16 to 18, 2021 the unique vehicles will be on display in the innovation and demonstration zones of the pilot edition of TMWC.

The TMWC event brings together more than 100 companies and organizations and features 75 international speakers. The sustainable urban vehicles include the Deliverbot, a small autonomous vehicle for local commerce by British company that makes deliveries within a maximum radius of one mile. The vehicle employs cameras, radar, and sensors to move along pavements while avoiding pedestrians and carry out contactless deliveries.

Also at the event, the Auve Tech micro-shuttle debuts as a vehicle whose small size makes it suitable for custom routes. The offering from an Estonian company, it is the first in its category to use a hydrogen fuel cell engine.

Bicycles also form part of the future of urban mobility. Germany’s Dashbike has integrates micro-cameras and radar to improve cyclists’ safety. The Dashbike installs under the saddle and automatically measures the passing distance of vehicles overtaking the cyclist and storing video sequences that include all relevant metadata. In the event of an accident, the recordings are useable as legal evidence.

Ready to go mobile but require further enlightenment? If so, visit the Tomorrow Mobility World Congress website.

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