Ringo Readies To Bang Out Drum Lessons

by Mat Dirjish

MasterClass, the online learning platform offering classes with notable artists, musicians, composers, and more, has snagged another biggie. Ringo Starr is now on the roster to teach a class on drumming and creative collaboration. The legendary drummer will share his approach to drumming and give members an inside look into his creative process.

In his class, Ringo will take members on a journey through his dynamic creative process, the basics of drumming, songwriting, and playing with feeling. He’ll teach the basics of a standard drum kit, rhythm exercises, and how to create a unique drumming style.

Using personal life stories, including his time with the Beatles and the All-Starr Band, Starr will share his principles for collaborating with other creators and how to always keep a positive spirit. Starr will also share his approach to songwriting and his philosophy of performing, of loving and appreciating the audience, and gathering energy from them.

Attendees will also get deep insights and access to his life and career from his early influences to his creative pursuits outside of drumming including his charitable work. For more details, visit Ringo Starr’s MasterClass.

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