Super Legal Eagle Aids Aging Pop Artist

by Mat Dirjish

Prominent litigator Mathew Rosengart is well known for his legal victories on behalf of Britney Spears. First, suspension of her father James Spears as the conservator of her estate and, second, ending her toxic, 13-year toxic conservatorship. Now, Rosengart is joining the legal team seeking to free iconic pop artist Peter Max from a similar situation.

Peter Max’s daughter, Libra Max and her legal team are working to end a predatory guardianship forced upon American artist Peter Max.  The artist, known for many great works including refurbishing the Statue of Liberty and painting several United States President’s portraits, is in a guardianship situation that isolates and medicates him against his will.

Mr. Max’s friends and family can’t visit him without permission from his guardian and must sign nondisclosure agreements prior to visits. The guardian keeps him in isolation and took away his phone and emotional support pets. And while his rejecting his personal wishes, his guardians, court-appointed legal counsel, and others continue to bill his estate hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Mathew Rosengart left and Peter Max right.

Mr. Rosengart said, “I am honored to join the team’s laudable efforts to seek justice for Peter Max.  This typifies the type of guardianship that merits judicial attention and potential state and federal legislation.  Guardianships and governmental intervention should be an absolute last resort and this case warrants a fresh look and implementation of less restrictive measures and the restoration of basic human rights.  We will fight vigorously to obtain newfound freedoms for this American icon.”

Libra Max, Mr. Max’s daughter, who has initiated proceedings to end her father’s guardianship stated, “My father has a network of family and friends who want to be with him in the twilight of his life. The abuse he has faced at the hands of the predatory guardianship system is incomprehensible.  I am thrilled Mat agreed to join our team in fighting for my father. This guardianship must end.”

A hearing is set for November 30, 2021, in New York State Supreme Court. For more details, visit Free Peter Max.

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