AI Device Measures Eye-Fluid Pressure

by Mat Dirjish

Ophthalmic Sciences, an Israel-based startup, is launching IOPerfect, what it calls the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) contactless device for measuring eye fluid pressure. The device combines AI in a virtual reality (VR) like headset to allow telediagnosis and remote monitoring of glaucoma.

Patients safely wear the headset to monitor the fluid pressure inside the eyes (IOP) at home without the need for eye drops or constant calibration. IOPerfect performs tests in under two minutes and is unaffected by corneal thickness. It employs a proprietary algorithm that provides reliable AI-based image processing analysis of vascular pressure response.

The device applies mild controlled air pressure within the headset while micro-video cameras capture the difference in response to pressure of internal versus external eye blood vessels. It then uploads data to a secure cloud where analysis takes place and results are accessible by the clinician or doctor. IOPerfect is viable for use at home, in eye-care clinics, emergency rooms, physicians’ offices, nursing homes, and by pharmacies.

Ophthalmic Sciences has started the regulatory procedures for the IOPerfect, which is set to be available for sale in the US and Europe in 2023. For different use cases, it will be available in two versions: IOPerfect and the IOPerfect Plus. For more details, peruse the IOPerfect overview.

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