Free NFT Art Extends The Sense Of Touch

by Mat Dirjish

Skincare company NIVEA is delving into the non-fungible token (NFT) arena with crypto art that actually touches the viewer. Stressing the importance of touch for mental and physical health, the limited edition of NIVEA’s “Value of Touch” NFT art piece is available for free.

The artist behind the art piece is Clarissa Baldassarri, an Italian visual artist who suffered from temporary visual impairment early in her career as a painter. The limitations she experienced inspired her to rediscover art through what she calls a conscious touch.

Clarissa Baldassarri uses a technique known as Blind Portrait to create her NFT art.

Part of NIVEA´s brand purpose, “Care for Human Touch to Inspire Togetherness” that launched in January 2021, the concept supports human touch projects to promote the quality of life for people at risk of loneliness. By 2025, NIVEA aims to globally invest 20 million Euro in human touch projects.

The first NFT created with touch. Credit: Nivea, Alex Telfer

Minted on Polygon, the “Value of Touch” is available as a limited edition for free. Ready to get touchy? If so, access the Value of Touch.

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