Microscope Camera Delivers 6K Res With Large FoV

by Mat Dirjish

Nikon Instruments’ Digital Sight 10 microscope camera enables acquisition of both color and monochrome images with a resolution of 6K pixels across a large field of view (FoV) in a single unit. According to the company, in the life-science research sector, there’s an escalating need for digital microscope cameras capable of acquiring large volumes of data with the ability to observe fine structures.

Employing CMOS image sensors in Nikon’s FX format, the Digital Sight 10 can acquire images with a 6K-pixel resolution (6000 x 3984 pixels) with a FoV measuring 25 mm. Its color and monochrome mode switching function enables the camera to capture both color and monochrome images.

Comparison of zebrafish images bright field image (color)

Using separately-available NIS-Elements imaging software, the camera can acquire, display, and analyze images. This makes it viable for use in a wide range of applications including pathological diagnosis and drug discovery research.

Can’t wait to get into your lab and take microscopic photos of naked amoebas but desire deeper data? If so, peruse the Digital Sight 10 product page or call Nikon at 1-800-526-4566.

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