Physical Fitness And Art Meet Via NFT

by Mat Dirjish

If you are an afficionado of the arts and, like the rest of the world, packed on a plethora of pounds between the holidays and being pandemic locked for a couple years, you may find this concept/offer enticing. In 2022, one can start a fitness routine, learn a new technology, and delve into the world of nonfungible token art via KickHouse’s special offer: join any KickHouse studio before the end of January 2022 and get coach-led kickboxing classes to lose weight and a free KickHouse NFT.

KickHouse is launching an NFT collection, minted on Litemint in collaboration with JPEG DAO artist Nettie Bella. Samantha Salas, Director of Marketing at KickHouse, says, “Nettie is the perfect artist to collaborate with because her perseverance and confidence is inspiring. She’s trail blazing and setting an example for the next generation of female artists and entrepreneurs, and we couldn’t be happier to be working with her.”

Allegedly, this project is a first of its kind and resides on the Stellar network with support by Lobstr. Distribution of the NFT via Lobstr wallets takes place the first week of February. For brighter illumination, visit KickHouse NFT.

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