First Smart 3D LiDAR Teams With Perception Software

by Mat Dirjish

Premiering at CES 2022, light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology company Blickfeld unveils what it says is the industry’s first smart 3D LiDAR with Percept perception software for translating LiDAR data into actionable information. Percept works with the company’s Cube sensor line and includes functions like movement-based detection and tracking of objects, object classification and counting, zone occupancy detection, and zone entry detection with integrated alarm generation. This makes the software viable for a wide variety of applications such as crowd analytics, traffic management, smart industry, and security.

With Percept, Blickfeld also announces the next generation of LiDAR, the Qb2. Combining software and hardware in one device, Qb2 smart LiDAR requires no additional computers, servers, or adaptor boxes to capture and process 3D data in a single unit. The smart device pairs microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) LiDAR hardware technology with a compute module that runs the Percept software stack on device.

Percept is available immediately. For greater gleanings, peruse the Percept software overview and the Qb2 page.

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