Assistive Robot Promotes Independent Living

by Mat Dirjish

Robotics company Labrador Systems describes its Labrador Retriever assistive robot as a new category of personal robot that helps individuals live more independently. The robot provides physical assistance with everyday activities, functioning as an extra pair of hands that can move large loads as well as bring items within reach. It promises to lighten the load for those people who have chronic pain, injury, or other health issues that impact daily activities.

The Labrador Retriever is an assistive robot that helps individuals live more independently. Courtesy Labrador Systems

The Labrador Retriever is large enough to carry a laundry basket and can handle payloads up to 25 lbs. while navigating tight spaces. It can park itself within inches of an armchair and automatically change its height to bring items within reach based on the user’s position.

The Retriever also includes places for charging a phone plus a large storage area to keep other frequently needed items accessible. Other features include a retrieval system capable of retrieving and delivering trays each carrying up to 10 lbs.

Users command the Retriever through a variety of interfaces including a touch screen, mobile app, voice, or by pressing a wireless button. The Retriever can also operate on a pre-set schedule to automatically deliver items at a specific time and location. Additionally, the robot is self-driving and guides itself via a proprietary navigation system that fuses augmented reality algorithms with robotics to create 3D maps of the home.

As part of a limited offer, Labrador is offering special pricing for consumers who sign up for an early reservation program and place a refundable deposit. Labrador will be initially offering the home version of its robots on a subscription basis. Subscription pricing for early reservation holders will include an upfront payment of $1,500, plus a monthly fee starting at $99 per month to $149 per month for 36 months, depending on the model.

Ready to robotize your home but thirst for deeper data and details on the early reservation program, subscription pricing, and product specs? If so, peruse the Labrador Retriever information pages.

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