Web Ecosystem Takes Unique Approach To Support Musicians

by Mat Dirjish

Melodity claims it is taking the music industry a step further towards the decentralized creator economy via its Web 3.0 monetization infrastructure to support musicians in unique ways. The organization is building an ecosystem that consists of play-to-earn (P2E), listen-to-earn (L2E), and a Metaverse based on a proprietary blockchain that will enable opportunities for music artists, professionals, fans, and music lovers.

Three integral platforms are DoMeta, DoDuet, and DoMart. DoMeta is a music oriented metaverse where users can enjoy their time playing, learning, creating, and interacting with each other or participate in live events. It intends to draw communities by combining music, blockchain, NFTs, and a play-to-earn model in one package.

The DoDuet listen-to-earn model is a user-friendly contest platform that gamifies music and provides visibility and easy-access prizes for artists. It will reward participants in the contest just by listening to tracks and voting. DoMart, the NFTs marketplace will provide song distribution as well as possibilities for selling, buying, licensing, and managing composite music NFTs.

Ready to learn more? If so, visit the Melodity website and the Melodity Official International Community.

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