Digital Painting Tools Extend Resolution And Performance

by Mat Dirjish

Targeting creative illustrators, animators, graphics design pros, 3D designers, and image editors,

Huion unveils two 2.5K pen displays: Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) and Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K). Heralded as an integration of high performance and innovative design, the digital painting displays feature a 2.5K resolution and employ quantum dot technology for vibrant pictures.

Both Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) and Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K) feature a large screen that provides a wide working area while remaining 10-mm thin. Pixels of Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) are twice as many as those common to a full HD display, the result of a 2.5K QHD resolution on a 13.3-in. IPS screen, allegedly for the first time in the industry.

Additionally, QLED quantum dot technology helps to reduce harmful blue light while achieving a 145% sRGB color gamut. Reportedly, both pen displays can display 16.7M colors and represent pictures with high saturation, accurate hue, and natural brightness.

Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) & Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K)

Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) and Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K) come with the company’s PW517 digital pen, which adopts Huion PenTech 3.0, the latest application of battery-free EMR technology. The pens specify an 8192-level pressure sensitivity and a greater than 300 PPS report rate. And a ±60° tilt recognition supports the realization of various drawing techniques such as shading, sketching, and edging.

Other shared features include two USB-C ports. For more details, check out the Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) page and Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K) page. Good luck!

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