Phone Charger Thwarts Eavesdroppers

by Mat Dirjish

Vancouver-based Pozio is launching what it claims is the world’s first wireless phone charger that blocks phones from listening until users want them to. Showcasing at CES 2022, the Pozio Cradle is a listening blocker that also provides wireless charging for smartphones.

According to the company, smartphones are perpetually listening, recording, storing, and, in some cases, sharing the user’s personal information. It’s not just the onboard smart assistants, mobile apps represent an exposure point as well.

Pozio’s patented technology works in the background to prevent the always-listening microphones in smart devices from hearing private conversations. Users place their smartphone in the Pozio Cradle to charge the phone and it simultaneously starts protecting the user’s privacy.

When a user wants to interact with their smart device, he or she issues a simple command: Pozio Stop. This turns off the sound blocking technology for 30 seconds, allowing the user to access, summon, and speak commands to the smart assistants. The Pozio Cradle ensures privacy because it never records a person’s voice, it has no hard drive, and it’s not connected to the internet, so there’s no way it can store or share personal information.

Additional features include compatibility with virtually any size phone, fast Qi wireless charging, and optional voice control (Block & Talk models only). Ready to charge your phone and thwart invaders but require further illumination? If so, peruse the Pozio Cradle spec page.

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