Portable Voice Controlled Screen Projector Marries Entertainment And Connectivity

by Mat Dirjish

Samsung and DSP Concepts have teamed up to create Samsung’s “The Freestyle”, a voice-controllable, portable screen projector with an integrated smart speaker. For the projector, DSP Concepts provides voice pre-processing via its Audio Weaver design platform that’s based on TalkTo audio front end technology. TalkTo employs unique signal processing techniques to create clean audio signals for voice assistants.

Designed with a three-mic array topology, The Freestyle enables users to control the device with voice commands and interact with both Amazon Alexa and Samsung’s Bixby. During the development process, Samsung used Audio Weaver to test, debug, and refine performance.

Chin Beckmann, CEO and co-founder of DSP Concepts, explains, “I see more and more of our customers moving towards adding voice and immersive audio features that bring connectedness and enjoyment into our home spaces. These days, our lives include a blend of physical and virtual togetherness, and Samsung is way out in front of that trend. We are thrilled that Audio Weaver can help our customers explore better ways to bring our devices, family, and friends more closely together.”

Ready to meld your entertainment with connectivity via voice control but thirst for higher gleanings? If so, visit DSP Concepts and take a look at The Freestyle overview.

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