AI-Based 3D Imaging Portal Antiquates Metal Detectors For Security Apps

by Mat Dirjish

Liberty Defense, a provider of multi-technology security solutions for concealed weapons detection in high volume foot traffic areas and locations requiring enhanced security, has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Wisconsin Police Department (UWPD) to beta test its HEXWAVE security detection walkthrough portal. Testing will take place on campus to screen students, faculty, and the tens of thousands of visitors to the campus each year.

According to Liberty Defense, its HEXWAVE far surpasses state-of-the-art metal detectors. Unlike metal detectors, HEXWAVE employs advanced threat detection with 3D radar imaging and artificial intelligence. As a result, the system can detect and identify concealed threats of all types including metallic and nonmetallic weapons.

Notably, HEXWAVE is touchless, offers high throughput, and is useable indoors and outdoors. It enables the implementation of a layered defense strategy, giving security teams more time to manage threats by detecting them at the perimeter of a property in addition to security checkpoints.

CEO of Liberty Defense Bill Frain said, “It is a privilege to work with the University of Wisconsin and its Police Department, such a well-established and respected educational institution that is looking for innovative ways to keep the campus community safe.”

Kristen Roman, Chief of Police at UW-Madison, echoes, “The security of our campus is, of course, a top priority. We are excited to have the opportunity to be the first campus to test this new technology. We understand how important it is for organizations to keep innovating when it comes to security, and we look forward to kicking off the testing in 2022.”

Does this unique approach to security pique your curiosity? Ready to glean more? If so, take a closer look at Liberty Defense’s HEXWAVE.

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