VR Platform Forges The Future Of Music

by Mat Dirjish

If you are a music lover, or better put, a lover of unique approaches to music delivery, you’re probably aware of Groove Science Studio’s virtual reality (VR) music platform Soundscape VR (SVR). For the unaware music aficionados out there, a bit of an introduction may be in order.

Soundscape VR is part of the Soundscape Universe, a collection of virtual, mixed, and augmented reality software. The platform offers a unique generation of live concerts, music experiences, and sound visualization, which Groove Science Studio says is “paving the way for the next technological expansion of the music industry.”

Subscribers across the globe can listen, fly, paint, explore, watch, dance, and compete with infinite groups of players in a sonic-visual 24/7 music festival. SVR’s Sonic Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows the software to visualize any genre of music automatically and integrate the music into audio-reactive environments.

The current news is Groove Science Studios is adding multi-platinum rock band Evanescence, electronic music artist Griz, American jam band Umphrey’s McGee, and newbies in electronic music Memo Rex and Crescendoll to the Soundscape VR Magic Mirror platform. Introduced last year, Magic Mirror provides a platform for artists to position their music in an immersive digital space that combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and the internet. It offers a dynamic virtual concert experience, giving viewers from around the world an opportunity to participate in a shared sonic-visual experience with no limit to the number of participants.

Evanescence will be featured exclusively in virtual reality on Soundscape VR.

Additionally, the platform is also introducing new avatar customizations for users to personalize their virtual appearance. These include new hairstyles, outfits, and more. Users can explore immersive, audio-reactive worlds including the recently added Neo-Nexus, an abstract world that spans for miles above a futuristic skyline overflowing with lasers and reactive geometry.

In concert with Evanescence and the other new artists, fans are eligible to win a Valve Index VR headset. To experience exclusive Magic Mirror performances, users can download SVR for free from Steam VR and Oculus Home. To learn more and/or to download, get yer’ buns on over to Soundscape VR.

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