Carnivores & Vegans Can Dig Into Hungry Sausages

by Mat Dirjish

Newly opened Hungry Sausages Lab (HSL) is boasting an overwhelming response to its initial NFT whitelisting. The company claims it now has 50,000+ members on social-media platform Discord. It’s set for a public minting today, April 4, 2022, a blind box opening on April 8, 2022, and a launch and airdrop of Sausage Coins by month’s end.

The collection consists of 5,000 NFTs based on the image of the Sausages characters. It also includes a special edition NFT in collaboration with French graffiti artist DEZIO.

Blind-box holders can open their boxes on the official minting page on April 8, 2022 and reveal their Hungry Sausages NFTs. The page will last for 12 months, allowing holders to choose opening times with lower NFT Gas Fees

At the end of April, HSL is set to launch Sausage Coin (SAUS), the native cryptocurrency of Sausage Galaxy. All Hungry Sausage NFT holders will receive a certain amount of SAUS. Sausage coins is a community-driven, monetizable token residing on the Ethereum network.

Apart from a series of animated and color NFTs, the HSL team expects to launch virtual planets of different themes in order to build what they call the Sausages Galaxy. The first to drop will be the Not-For-Teeth theme planet.

Now, if you are like me, you may be thinking, “What, no eggs, peppers, and onions with those sausages? I’d send them back if I were you.” But I digress. For more details, peruse the Hungry Sausages website.

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