Access Control System Pairs Hardware With Cloudware

by Mat Dirjish

Cloud-managed building security company Verkada, snagged Red Dot and iF Design awards for its Access Control product. The system pairs easy-to-use hardware with cloud-based software, enabling a scalable approach to physical security.

Access Control hardware includes an AC41 Door Controller and an AD31 Door Reader. To simplify installation, the AC41 features a basic wiring layout and a removable cassette system. The AD31 card reader employs a minimalistic approach to ensure clear communication between the reader and door controller.

Product sketches of Verkada’s Access Control

Verkada’s Vice President of Design John Russell extols, “Our goal at Verkada is to redefine and dramatically elevate what customers can expect of enterprise security products. We’re breaking the mold in all categories, and this is only the beginning.”

For greater illumination, peruse the Access Control overview. Want to see the system in action? If so, feel free to request a demo.

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