Quadruped Robot Delivers The Goods

by Mat Dirjish

Commercial service robot company Pudu Robotics’ PUDU D1 debuts as the company’s first legged robot. Groomed as a quadruped robot for delivery chores, PUDU D1 uses the company’s proprietary core components that include high-performance joint modules and a master control board boasting high computing power. Reportedly, PUDU D1 is the industry’s first commercial delivery-quadruped robot.


The robot’s proprietary joint modules feature hollow wiring and the ability to remember their absolute position, even after a power interruption. They rely on the CAN-FD communication protocol with a 5-Mb/s bandwidth as well as a 19-bit high-precision encoder. The master control board comes with a 16-core CPU, artificial intelligence computing power up to 30 Terra operations (Tops), and numerous interface resources.

Via a comprehensive force control scheme, PUDU D1 adapts to diverse terrains and maintains its balance while moving, even if it’s buffeted by external forces. Employing an auto-levelling delivery box that constantly maintains a horizontal position, PUDU D1 performs reliably in complex environments. For more details, visit the Pudu Robotics website.

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