Decision-Making Thermal Imager Helps Firefighters Focus On Saving Lives

by Mat Dirjish

Supplier of thermal sensors for the public safety market Seek Thermal introduces AttackPRO, a decision-making thermal imaging camera that allegedly meets all major fire industry standards.

A handheld camera, it combines a 320 x 240 resolution thermal sensor with enhanced clarity and detailed colorization in a heat-resistant housing.

According to its maker, AttackPRO eliminates the complexity of non-essential features allowing fire captains and officers to focus solely on tasks where every second counts and lives are at stake. It is viable for assessment situations, allowing users to size up structures faster and with more precision. Reportedly, this provides greater efficiency to find the seat of a fire, conduct primary searches, and effectively direct both water and teammates.

AttackPRO also provides critical decision-making information. Features include:

  • 320 x 240 high-resolution thermal sensor
  • 25-Hz frame rate
  • 500°F (260°C) operating temperature
  • Heat resistant PPSU housing
  • 57° horizontal field of view
  • Two removable batteries
  • Six-hour runtime per battery
  • Integrated 300 lumen LED flashlight

Price for AttackPRO is $3,499 and a truck charging dock is available for $599. For deeper details and data, peruse the AttackPRO overview.

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