Sensors And Software Make Medical Aircraft Safer To Pilot

by Mat Dirjish

Airborne medical-services company Air Methods is retrofitting its fleet with proprietary Skyryse FlightOS automation hardware and software to make its aircraft safer to pilot. Transportation technology company Skyryse and Air Methods are partnering to retrofit more than 400 single-engine helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft in the Air Methods fleet with FlightOS. The Skyryse FlightOS hardware and software stack replaces complex and manual flight control systems, allowing pilots to control aircraft with a simpler and safer control interface.

FlightOS boosts operational safety in both clear or inclement weather via advanced sensors currently only found in commercial aviation and advanced military aircraft. The flight system is operational through every phase of flight and any situational hazard. Reportedly, the system never goes offline, even during emergencies. The system protects pilots from exiting the flight envelope, allowing them to safely manage an aircraft through various flight emergencies, including complete engine failures and autorotation.

According to Skyryse CEO Dr. Mark Groden, “We created FlightOS to enhance safety, especially in critical life-saving missions, where technology unlocks dramatic potential for all people to receive the safest, most effective medical care available in the direst situations.”

Air Methods will retrofit FlightOS within their fleet of single-engine helicopters, such as the EC130, AS350, and Bell 407, and fixed-wing aircraft like the Pilatus PC-12. Air Methods CEO JaeLynn Williams adds. “Skyryse is a cutting-edge technology that will drive a step change in the safety of rotor and fixed-wing flight not only for Air Methods, but for our customers and the entire Helicopter Emergency Medical Services industry.”

Hopefully, one may never need the services of a medical aircraft. But if this technology piques your curiosity and you require deeper insights, take a gander at the FlightOS overview. And for greater gleanings, trot on over to the Air Methods website.

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