NFT Storefronts Make Life Easy For Music Artists And Fans

by Mat Dirjish

Trumpeted as the first digital collectibles platform dedicated to electronic music, RCRDSHP debuts its artist and label-centric storefronts. Making things easy for both artists and fans, RCRDSHP’s labels and artists can combine their RCRDSHP NFT projects in one place and promote them directly to their fans and to the music NFT community. According to their creators, Storefronts will unlock discovery and give artists and labels unique ways to present all their projects in a single, easy-to-find place, similar to what Bandcamp does for legacy music formats. 

Via Storefronts, a music fan can do a basic text search on RCRDSHP and find the desired storefront. They can see everything on RCRDSHP’s secondary market, any new drops or campaigns that are running, and all fan leaderboards. They can also access audio clips dropped on the platform.

Fans can buy NFTs, share, research, or jump into a challenge right from there. Creators can promote Storefronts directly, giving them more opportunities to onboard music fans to their projects in an environment they control.

Storefronts provide artists and labels with direct access to the RCRDSHP platform with a curated music NFT and digital collectible store they control. Through direct NFT minting, control of pricing, and promotional tools, Storefronts enable partners to design and run their own challenges and reward programs.

Artists, labels, festivals, and other content partners can manage their Storefronts via the RCRDSHP Creator Suite. Reportedly, Storefronts’ intuitive format and tools make blockchain and NFTs accessible and relevant to music fans of all genres. For fans, Storefronts offer novel ways to engage with the artists. It allows them to get involved with web3 and music NFTs with confidence.

Ready to take the plunge into wide world of NFT music but thirst for greater gleanings? If so, peruse and drink from the RCRDSHP website.

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