AI-Based Mastering Tool Expands Possibilities With Unique API

by Mat Dirjish

For those who may not know, LANDR is an online platform offering a number of services for musicians, one of which is artificial intelligence (AI) based music mastering, the last step before a song or composition debuts to the world. The company is enhancing its flagship mastering product with access to more creator tools platforms via a new application programming interface (API). Essentially, this will allow other apps and platforms to use all of the core features of LANDR’s AI-powered mastering technology.

The API involves two partners. First is Offtop, an app that allows creators to write and record full vocal references on the go. And second, DAO is an artist services platform that combines production, marketing, and distribution tools.

LANDR and partners will be able to offer users an online mastering experience that includes three previewable loudness settings and mastering styles that fit a wide range of music genres and audio approaches. Users will gain access to LANDR’s patented machine-learning engine that a large team of developers and audio pros update regularly.

Daniel Rowland, LANDR’s Head of Strategy and Partnerships and a GRAMMY-nominated, Oscar-winning audio engineer and producer, opines, “Audio quality is an underappreciated element of what makes a track or a video go viral. We’re helping partners raise the bar on their audio quality, which in turn will help retain users and subscribers and improve the overall quality of what creators can produce and share.”

Ready to master your next platinum track but yearn for greater gleanings? If so, haul butt over to the LANDR website.

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