Circle Of Doors Spins The World Of Tarot

by Mat Dirjish

Creators Anne Staveley and Jill Sutherland describe their Circle of Doors Tarot as a celebration of sacred feminine power through evocative fine art photography. First debuting as the “Wheel of Fortune” at Burning Man 2014, the work consists of 22 salvaged doors and their frames, creating an interior space that one can enter and exit from any direction.

Each door represents one of the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot such as The Fool, The Magician, The Lovers, or The Devil. Upon entering, guests turn around and see the unique art on the inside of their chosen door.

At sunset, Ms. Staveley, Ms. Sutherland, and a cast of characters fill the space to light the fiery chandelier at the center and serve tea to guests. An additional four shrine outposts will surround the central structure at this year’s Burning Man appearance, one for each of the four Minor Arcana suits: Keys (Wands), Cups, Knives (Swords), and Shells (Pentacles).

The creators are presenting a series of 78 symbolic portraits as a large-scale interactive art installation at Burning Man 2022 in August. They will also offer a deluxe box set containing a printed tarot deck of 78 cards and a 180-page guidebook on Kickstarter in May.

Circle of Doors Tarot Deck

Co-creator Jill Sutherland believes, “Feminine energy is vital to people of all genders, and is too often suppressed or neglected in the world. By bringing together women of all ages, colors, ethnicities and cultures into the circle, space opens for the healing of the feminine that is necessary to create harmony in a fractured world.” So mote it be.

Ready to energize but require greater illumination? If so, peruse the Circle of Doors Tarot overview. Also, for more insights about the artists, visit the Staveley & Sutherland website. Of course, don’t forget to learn more about their Circle of Doors Tarot Kickstarter Project.

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