AEC-Q200 Wirewound Resistors Enter The EV Arena

by Mat Dirjish

According to Vishay Intertechnology, its RHA series AEC-Q200-qualified, chassis-mount wirewound resistors exhibit high reliability, accuracy, and stability in electric vehicle (EV) applications. Viable for use in pre-charge and discharge circuits, the components boast a tight tolerance down to ±1% and a TCR down to 20 ppm/°C. Other applications include voltage dividers in taillights and current limiters in dimming circuits for interior lighting.

The RHA series resistors mount directly onto a chassis and feature a completely welded and molded construction. Operating temperature range is from -55°C to +250°C. Additional features include power ratings up to 50W, resistance values from 0.1 kΩ to 39.2 kΩ, and availability in four small package sizes.

Samples and production quantities of the RHA series are available now with lead times of eight to 12 weeks. Pricing for US delivery starts at $1.61 for 100 pieces in the RHA005 size. For deeper details, procure and peruse the RHA series datasheet.

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