Sensor Skin Gives Robots The Human Touch

by Mat Dirjish

Smart fabric sensor technology company BeBop Sensors is “making robots feel better” with its RoboSkin line of skin-like coverings. The coverings enable human-like tactile awareness for humanoid robots and prosthetics.

Described as a true nervous system for robots, the skin measures less than 1-mm thick and is reportedly the only technology that fits all robotic body parts: limbs, fingers, feet, head, and torso. The skin is shapeable to any surface for a quick fit on any robot and, as per the company, with spatial resolution and sensitivity that exceeds human abilities.

Pointing to the escalating use of robotics in diverse markets, robots currently have the ability to see and listen, but the sense of touch is a missing element. RoboSkin provides this essential touch factor.

BeBop Sensors cites Census Bureau stats that predict there will be more Americans over the age of 65 than under 18 with Japan having the oldest population with 30% over 65. A side effect of this, the company sees record numbers of people leaving the work force. As a result, human-like robots are filling vacancies and augmenting humans in the workplace, hospitals, and homes. And robots can do jobs humans wish to avoid.

BeBop Sensors founder Keith McMillen said, “I have been working with roboticists refining our RoboSkin for 10 years. We are pleased we can make this important contribution to the worldwide effort to bring humanoid robots into our lives to help people live longer, healthier, and more enjoyable lives.”

Hey, robots truly need to be sensitive. I know, I’ve worked with many since 1997.

RoboSkin is available immediately for a variety of applications, e.g., robotics, prosthetics, biohazard, digital health, IoT, VR/AR, automotive, law enforcement, testing, and more . For deeper details, visit the BeBop Sensors website.

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