Partners Develop 3D Depth-Sensing For Advanced Industrial And Medical Apps

by Mat Dirjish

Partners Infineon and pmdtechnologies (pmd) are developing 3D depth-sensing technology for Magic Leap 2 augmented reality (AR) headsets to enable advanced industrial and medical applications. As a result, Magic Leap 2 will help operators work more efficiently, help companies optimize complex processes, and allow staff to seamlessly collaborate.

The key feature of Magic Leap 2 is the 3D indirect-Time-of-Flight (iToF) depth sensing technology developed by Infineon Technologies and pmd. The iToF technology creates an accurate 3D mapping of the environment as well as 3D image of faces, hand details, or objects in real-time. This enables accurate environmental interaction with the Magic Leap 2.

Additionally, the sensor enables gesture controls. The partners also optimized the 3D sensor to bring power consumption down to a minimum, thereby reducing heat and increasing battery life for the headset.

For more details, visit Infineon Technologies and pmd. Also check out Magic Leap 2.

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