CO2 Controller Keeps Grow Rooms Fruitful

by Mat Dirjish

Gas detection, monitoring, and analysis specialist CO2Meter is releasing its RAD-0502, described as a dual-sensor carbon dioxide (CO2) controller for grow rooms that can monitor and control CO2 concentrations at two locations from 0 to 3,000 ppm. The controller provides both indoor growers and mushroom farmers the ability to control consistent CO2 levels throughout their grow space from a central display panel.

Obviously, monitoring up to two grow room locations is a plus for indoor agriculture monitoring. However, the RAD-0502 offers several other benefits such as the ability to control light, temperature, and humidity.

Additionally, each sensor triggers individual relays allowing users to control each sensor’s location in the facility. Settings are user configurable, enabling application-specific settings. And the RAD-0502 also features a universal power supply to support international users.

In a nutshell, RAD-0502 features include:

  • NDIR CO2 sensor technology
  • Easy-to-use, simple, and clean installation
  • Ability to monitor two zones or grow spaces
  • Fully customizable CO2 levels
  • LED identification lights
  • Automatic control of CO2 generators or compressed CO2 tanks
  • Built-in photo sensor to turn off relays in darkness
  • User configurable modes for both grow room or mushroom applications
  • Universal power supply
  • Enclosure resists dust, rust, and moisture

For more information, peruse the RAD-0502 datasheet. Should you require greater gleanings, take a gander at the RAD-0502 user manual.

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