Vocal Equalizer Packs Auto-Tune Pitch Tracking

by Mat Dirjish

Notable for creating Auto-Tune vocal production software, Antares Audio Technologies is launching Auto-Tune Vocal EQ. The company claims it’s the only dynamic equalizer with patented Auto-Tune pitch tracking technology built in and is the fastest and easiest way to equalize (EQ) vocals as well as instruments and other audio tracks.

Specifically for vocals, Auto-Tune Vocal EQ allows users to isolate and accentuate precise frequencies while controlling interference and resonance to make vocals sound smoother and more consistent. Dynamic nodes work with proprietary Auto-Tune pitch metering to ease finding the optimum place in the frequency spectrum to work in for any singer.

Auto-Tune Vocal EQ GUI

Vocal EQ features include:

  • Pitch metering to watch a vocalist’s pitch move across the frequency spectrum in real-time.
  • Pitch tracking to lock an EQ band to a vocalist’s pitch to focus on fundamental pitch or harmonics.
  • Vocal learning to automatically determine input type and highlight the average vocal range, e.g., alto, tenor, soprano, etc.
Auto-Tune Vocal EQ: Dynamics in Action

Auto-Tune Vocal EQ comes with a wide range of tools for of control over every aspect of a track. These include:

  • Six full parametric bands
  • Low- and high-pass filters
  • Air Band for adding a smooth high-end presence
  • Tilt EQ filter to balance the high and low end of the spectrum
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • External sidechain for adding dynamic filters
  • Band/Solo mode
  • Dry/Wet signal control

Auto-Tune Vocal EQ is available exclusively in Auto-Tune Unlimited, the subscription service that includes every current edition of Auto-Tune, Auto-Tune Slice, Auto-Tune SoundSoap, Auto-Tune Vocodist, and 11 vocal production plug-ins. Auto-Tune Unlimited also includes free automatic updates for included plug-ins, free access to select future plug-ins from Antares, and free video tutorials in the Auto-Tune Vocal Production Academy.

Current Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers have access to Auto-Tune Vocal EQ at no extra cost. New subscribers can access Auto-Tune Unlimited for $24.99 paid monthly, or $14.58 a month with paid annual subscription.

Ready to EQ and tune your tracks but are not sure if this is for you? If so, download a free 14-day trial of Auto-Tune Vocal EQ. And for even brighter illumination, peruse the Auto-Tune Vocal EQ overview.

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