Podcast Station Is Versatile And Easy To Use

by Mat Dirjish

Billed as an easy platform for podcast creation, streaming, conferencing, voice over production, and more, TASCAM’s Mixcast 4 podcast station mixes and records mic inputs, internal sounds, and music via trigger pads and/or external audio input from a phone or PC. Its internal 14-track recorder stores recordings on an SD card.

The Mixcast 4 interface provides four TRS/XLR combo jack microphone inputs and four headphone outputs. Via USB, Bluetooth, and other inputs, users can record and mix up to eight sources.

The unit has eight customizable sound pads that are eight banks deep. There are global voice effects for multiple microphone inputs, applicable to all four mic inputs.

Mixcast 4 provides input gain control for all input sources, which enables control of the USB Skype/Zoom input audio level by the host. There is also support for a Bluetooth connection that allows recording phone calls or playing background music from smartphones.

An auto-mixing function automatically adjusts optimal levels. Other features include a 5-in color touchscreen and TASCAM’s Podcast Editor software. The application provides straightforward audio editing, track importing from Mixcast 4, plus configuration and assignment of sound effects and background music to the unit’s sound pads. The software supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android OS.

Ready to start podcasting but need deeper details? If so, peruse the Mixcast 4 overview.

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