First Concept Production Robocar Hits The Road

by Mat Dirjish

Employing Baidu’s intelligent driving technology, JIDU unveils its first concept production robocar, the ROBO-01. Sporting a cool futuristic design, ROBO-01 features an active deformable structure, a 3D borderless one-piece large display screen, zero-gravity seating, artificial intelligence (AI) pixel lights, and dual max-computing chips.

JIDU concept robocar ROBO-01

The vehicle’s capabilities are based on a unique, trainable functionality and robocar neural JIDU Evolving Technology (JET). Both support high-level autonomous driving with full redundancy, an SOA-based intelligent cabin, and millisecond-level offline intelligent voice assistant.

JIDU concept robocar ROBO-01 Intelligent Cabin

The company claims the design of the main and passenger butterfly wing doors, rear pair of doors, and non-marking side windows is a one-of-its-kind in the industry. The 3D borderless ultra-clear screen runs throughout the driving seat to the main passenger seat, providing an immersive audio and visual experience. Also, the door handle, shift lever, left and right indicator levers, and other physical control keys are absent to reportedly make the human-vehicle interaction experience more natural and seamless.

Other features include:

  • Fully adjustable structures including front hood collapsible LiDAR, active liftable rear wing, foldable U-shaped steering wheel, liftable satellite speakers, and adaptive zero-gravity seats.
  • Emotional, interactive AI light language for limitless emotional communication. ROBO-01 has the ability to recognize the user’s emotions and interact with the outside world by expressing its own emotion.
  • JIDU Smart Drive that provides advanced autonomous driving capabilities for immediate deployment in multiple scenarios. Capable of point-to-point autonomous driving, JIDU says its system is able to adapt to three main driving scenarios: high-speed, urban roads, and parking.
  • Millisecond-level rapid response and offline intelligent voice assistant provides human-like interaction.

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