Pink’s Versatile Guitarist Shows You Tricks Of The Trade

by Mat Dirjish

Fishman Transducers, a company noted for producing acoustic and electric guitar pickups, a.k.a., transducers, is continuing its educational offerings with its “Artist Masters” series. Comprised of one-hour master classes, the series features lessons from today’s top instrumentalists with the hopes of inspiring and informing players at all levels.

The series debuted on June 2, 2022 with Justin Derrico, Pink’s onstage guitarist for over a decade. In addition to working with some of the biggest names in music, Justin is also the house-band guitarist on NBC’s talent show “The Voice.”

Justin Derrico on stage with Pink

In his Artist Masters session, Derrico demonstrates how to play rock, pop, country, blues, and other styles and shows how to build a song from scratch. He weaves playing tips and lessons with tales of working on television and in the studio and about his journey from Charlottesville to Los Angeles to seek a record deal with his first band.

Due in September 2022, the next Artist Masters session will feature Isaiah Sharkey, John Mayer’s sideman and solo artist. Until then, get your axe chops up to speed with Justin Derrico, by registering for his free Artist Masters Session.                                  

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