Music Creation Platform Turns Fans Into A&R People

by Mat Dirjish

Empowering music fans, music creation platform maker LANDR is launching LANDR Challenges, which allows established artists and brands partner with creators and fans to create, release, own, and promote songs. According to the platform’s creators, this approach will transform casual music listeners and fans into artist and repertoire (A&R) persons.

Each challenge sets established music artists, influencers, and brands as hosts who provide curated content for use in the creation of original music or remixes by contestants. Participation is free and contestants can share their creations via social networks. Contestants’ goal is to score as many votes for their tracks as possible.

Fans vote for their favorite tracks and the host chooses between 1 and 20 winners from the list. Fans also have a stake in the outcome as up to 100 voters of a winning track receive 10% of ownership shares of the song with the rest going to the host and winning contestants.

The kick-off Challenge host is LXGEND, a producer, songwriter, artist, and online educator with a large fan community. Future hosts include Austin Millz and Social House. For more details, visit the LANDR website.

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