Security System Detects Gunshots, Fights, And Keywords

by Mat Dirjish

Rhombus Systems, experts in enterprise cloud-managed security cameras and sensors, unveils its A100 Audio Gateway security platform. According to company, A100 delivers real-time audio with video, two-way audio communication, alerts based on specific audio triggers, and emergency alarm broadcasting.

The system features smart audio recognition capabilities, which allows users to continuously monitor facilities and receive automatic notifications for abnormal audio based on keywords, noise levels, and specific sounds. A sensor detects unusual audio levels, aggressive voices and phrases, gunshots, calls for help, breaking glass, and other unique sounds in real-time. Depending on the type of alerts, users can pre-record messages and broadcast them out via the A100 sensor or external loudspeakers.

For example, if the A100 detects someone breaking in after-hours, it can broadcast a message that notifies the trespasser that authorities are on the way. Additionally, two-way audio support enables the connection of external microphones and loudspeakers to talk, broadcast, and amplify messages or alarms at scale.

The A100 Audio Gateway is available now, price is $349 and requires a Rhombus license starting at $149 per device. Ready to secure your perimeters but require further enlightenment? If so, mosey on over to the Rhombus Systems website.

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