MEMS Pirani Gauges Enable Reliable, Low-Cost ATM And Vacuum Applications

by Mat Dirjish

Posifa Technologies’ PVC6100 series of MEMS Pirani gauges target atmosphere (ATM) to medium vacuum applications. Boasting high accuracy, long-term stability, and the ability to lower application costs, they cover a range from 10 to 4 Torr to ATM. The components are viable for use in freeze dryers, mass spectrometers, distillation equipment, cryogenic cylinders and tanks, vacuum furnaces, and load-lock vacuum systems.

The gauges offer an interchangeable probe and customizable output voltages to lower the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for calibrating replacement probes. Their sensing elements are based on Posifa’s second-generation thermal conductivity chip, which measures thermal conductance in an embedded cavity with an integrated thermopile.

As per Posifa, a low internal heater temperature just slightly above the ambient makes the gauges less susceptible to contamination than filament-based Pirani devices, enabling higher reliability and longevity. Under heavy contamination conditions, users can replace the interchangeable probe, which integrates the sensing element and digital electronics.

Other PVC6100 series features include a 0V to 10V analog output through FCC-68/RJ45 connectors. Output voltages are customizable to emulate those from other manufacturers’ devices, enabling plug-and-play replacement without the need to change software or connection hardware.

Samples and production quantities of the PVC6100 series are available now. For deeper details, procure and peruse the PVC6100 series datasheet.

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