Photoshop Plugin Makes Autonomous Painting A Reality

by Mat Dirjish

Co-developed by Picture Instruments and Photoscena, the Trulyscene Artbox Plugin promises to make true autonomous painting within Photoshop a reality. Via a multifunctional framework, the plugin reportedly provides an easy-to-use, quick process to produce high quality artwork from digital images.

Photoshop already contains software-based brushes along with manual painting engines while third parties continue to develop new brushes and textures for digital artists. With this escalating sophistication, complexity for the user becomes a significant burden. The Trulyscene Artbox Plugin promises to ease that burden by guiding users via four simple steps.

Trulyscene Artbox Plugin guides users via four simple steps.

Six individual presets and eight custom-configured brushes combine to offer forty-eight output options. Every use creates individual brush strokes so that no two outputs are exactly alike. Finally, the user may add their own touch to the image by non-destructive adjustment of any individual layer in the output files.

The plugin works in Photoshop v.22 or newer and costs $39. Ready to become a digital Salvador Dali but require brighter illumination? If so, greater gleanings are available on the Trulyscene Artbox Plugin page. To purchase the plugin, haul your buns over to the Adobe Exchange page.

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