Metal Detector Differentiates Weapons From Common Carry Items

by Mat Dirjish

Athena Security’s frictionless Entryway Security Solution, a sophisticated metal detector, can automatically tell the difference between a weapon and common carry items such as cell phones, keys, coins, watches, etc. According to the company, in addition to stopping violence before it starts, this eliminates the need to divest items required by legacy metal detectors.

In terms of a case study, Aboud Jewelry, a multi-generational Seattle-area small business, employs the Entryway Security Solution to detect concealed weapons. The multi-sensor walk-through metal detector allows the owners to quickly and accurately screen anyone entering the business before allowing them inside the store. Pain Field Airport, located in Everett, WA, also uses Athena Security to flow traffic through security while scanning passengers and staff.

Athena Security CEO Michael Green said, “This is exactly why we went into business, to help prevent gun violence before it happens. We can do so much more than just feel for small businesses, we can stop this from happening again, providing the safety and peace of mind we all deserve living and working in our local communities.”

Ready to secure your business but require further illumination? If so, there is more to glean with a visit to the Athena Security website.

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