Historic Queens Theater Repurposed For Music Education

by Mat Dirjish

Once located at 187-02 Union Turnpike, Jamaica Estates, Queens NY 11423, the Utopia Movie Theater opened in 1942. A monument of art deco lore for over 50 years, the theater closed in 1999 and a Rite Aid took its place.

Apparently, Rite Aid could not sell enough over-the-counter placebos to continue doing business at this location, so Real Brave, a major New York City music educator with multiple locations, is taking over the former Utopia Theater location. Real Brave is ready to launch a newly designed studio for their in person music lessons at this historic location.

As per Real Brave founder Daniel Powers Jr., “Students everywhere will be able to get what I first intended almost 20 years ago: a second home that they can grow up in and become a part of the music they love. After countless hours over decades of watching the best on the silver screen, now folks can enter the building as their ancestors did to find their stage in a forte so important to film: music.”

The rear of new studio houses a venue for performances, aptly named the Utopia Venue. The opening is set for Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 2:15 pm EST. For louder gleanings, visit the Real Brave Website.

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