NFC Reader Teams With Popular MCUs

by Mat Dirjish

Boasting superior connectivity in challenging operating environments, Panthronics’ near field communication (NFC) reader board works with the Renesas Quick-Connect IoT rapid prototyping platform. According to Panthronics, the board provides a fast and easy way to build NFC connectivity into internet of things (IoT) systems based on Renesas general purpose microcontrollers (MCUs) that support the modular Quick-Connect IoT format. Via a Pmod connector, the board links to the Renesas Quick-Connect MCU evaluation kits.

The NFC board comes with a pre-compiled software library that enables Renesas MCUs to drive the board with an application programming interface (API). The NFC reader chip runs the Panthronics NFC protocol stack. Panthronics also supplies a Quick Start Guide, board schematics, and application example code.

As per Panthronics, its NFC readers employ a unique sine-wave architecture that offers higher sensitivity and output power than conventional NFC readers. Reportedly, this enables batter connectivity in difficult operating conditions, such as via the board’s small antenna. The architecture also reduces component count by eliminating the need for an EMC filter.

Prospective users can order the Panthronics NFC board from any authorized distributor of Renesas products. For more details, visit the Panthronics website.

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