Initiative Poised To Digitize Roads In The Land Of The Rising Sun

by Mat Dirjish

Innoviz Technologies, a provider of automotive-grade LiDAR sensors and perception software, is taking part in an initiative with Japan Post, a private company under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, to construct digital maps with Innoviz’s InnovizOne LiDAR sensor. The entities’ mutual goal is to pave the way for next-generation smart city services such as autonomous driving and unmanned delivery.

Japan Post plans to install InnovizOne LiDAR sensors on their postal delivery cars. As a result, the vehicles will generate detailed digital maps that gather information such as changes in roads and buildings along delivery routes.  These maps will serve as foundational data to enable next-generation services such as automated driving and more.

Yoshihiro Gomi, Executive Officer at Japan Post, said, “We greatly appreciate such an innovative approach full of possibilities to solve local issues across the country using the solution from Innoviz. We hope that the combination of our assets and the InnovizOne LiDAR sensor will lead to the creation of a new business.”

InnovizOne on Japan Post Vehicles, June 2022

David Oberman, VP Asia at Innoviz Technologies, adds, “Our collaboration with Japan Post highlights the versatility of the Innoviz LiDAR and this is another example of new ways to use LiDAR in smart cities.”

For more details and visions, visit the Innoviz Technologies website. Also take a look at the Japan Post website.

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