Next-Gen Autonomous Vehicle Enters Livery Service

by Mat Dirjish

Artificial intelligence (AI) company Baidu says its Apollo RT6 next-generation autonomous vehicle (AV) is set to provide driverless taxi service at half the cost of current taxi fares. At a production cost of 250,000 RMB (approximately $37,000.00  USD) per unit, Apollo RT6 is set to join the China ride-hailing service starting in 2023, allegedly expanding consistently to reach tens of thousands of units.

Baidu Apollo RT6 Exterior

With L4 autonomous driving capability, the all-electric AV boasts 1200 TOPS of computing power and a robust sensor architecture for complex urban environments. It features a detachable steering wheel to unlock more space for a more versatile and comfortable in-car experience.

Baidu Apollo RT6 Fully Autonomous Vehicle Side Shot

According to the company, the steering wheel-free design offers more space to design unique interiors. For example, adding extra seating, vending machines, desktops, and/or gaming consoles.

The exterior integrates sensors on the sunroof alongside interactive lights and intelligent electric sliding doors. The vehicle employs 38 sensors including eight LiDARs and 12 cameras to enable accurate, long-range detection on all sides.

Baidu Apollo RT6 Interior

Apollo RT6 is the first vehicle model built on Xinghe, Baidu’s self-developed automotive E/E architecture for fully autonomous driving. The vehicle is 100% automotive-grade and has full redundancy throughout both hardware and software.

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