Edge-Wound Inductors Beat The Heat

by Mat Dirjish

Vishay Intertechnology’s latest edge-wound, through-hole inductors in 1107 cases boast stable inductance and saturation figures across a continuous operating temperature range from -55°C to +180°C. Groomed for commercial applications, the Vishay Custom Magnetics IHDM-1107BBEV-20 and IHDM-1107BBEV-30  specify a soft saturation current to 422A and employ a powdered iron alloy core technology.

The edge-wound coil provides DCRs down to 0.25 mΩ, which allegedly minimizes losses and improves rated current performance for better efficiency. Compared to ferrite-based components, the IHDM-1107BBEV-20 and IHDM-1107BBEV-30 offer 30% higher current ratings and 30% higher soft saturation current levels maintain stability at continuous operating temperatures. The inductors’ soft saturation provides a predictable inductance decrease with increasing current, independent of temperature.

The inductors provide standard terminals, stripped and tinned for through-hole mounting. They are also customizable upon request for different performance specs, e.g., inductance, DCR, and current and voltage ratings. Mounting options include bare copper, surface-mount, and press fit. To reduce the risk of whisker growth, the inductors provide a hot-dipped tin plating.

Suitable applications include dc/dc converters, inverters, differential mode chokes, and filters for motor and switching noise suppression in high-current, high-temperature applications. Additionally, the inductors are available with a selection of two core materials.

Samples and production quantities of the inductors are available now with lead times of 12 weeks. For deeper details and revelations, procure and peruse the IHDM-1107BB-x datasheet.

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