Scanning System Delivers Accurate 3D Imaging

by Mat Dirjish

Promising to simplify3D deliverables, Trimble’s X12 scanning system pairs the company’s intuitive capture and in-field registration software with state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning and imaging hardware from Zoller+Fröhlich. The system is operable via Trimble Perspective field software installed on a Trimble T10x tablet. Users can configure and operate the scanner using the company’s customized software menu.

Users export data  from the field to the office for processing using either Trimble RealWorks software or a third-party application. Final deliverables are sharable online using Trimble Clarity, a browser-based data collaboration and visualization tool.

Operating features include a range from 0.3 to 365 meters and a scan speed up to 2.187 million points per second. As per Trimble,  the X12 streamlines the transforming of 3D data into decisions, such as using scans, models, and imagery to determine the structural integrity of aging infrastructure, because data can reside within the software ecosystem. This allows both novice and seasoned users to easily visualize, manage, and evaluate the project throughout the entire workflow.

The Trimble X12 is available now. For deeper details and data, peruse the Trimble X12 overview.

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